Website Seal


Now that you have collected reviews, you will want to share them with the world. You can do that using the Patient Approved® website seal.

The Patient Approved® website seal is known as the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for healthcare practices. Research has shown that practices displaying the seal on their website get more new patient appointments.

This is because the website seal builds trust by showing the world your star rating and the reviews you have collected from all of your patients.

That’s right, all of the reviews collected using the Patient Survey tablet application and your smartphone and desktop Insights application are available to view on your Patient Approved® Website Seal.

Only the reviews that you have saved in your manager application will be displayed when your website seal is clicked. This verifies that the reviews originated from an actual patient and are eligible for classification as a TrueReview.

Get the code for your website seal by clicking the link below.  You may also send the code to other people, such as your website specialist, by entering their email address in the field below.


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