Using The Tools

Insights Mini-Desktop App

You can request patient feedback via email and/or text message during patient check-out using the Mini-Desktop App. To access the Mini-Desktop App, follow the steps below:

  1. Using the desktop computer at your checkout desk, visit “
  2. Enter your “App Key” to log into your account
  3. Bookmark the page so it’s ready to use (alternatively, create a “shortcut” on the computer desktop (In Chrome: click “Settings” -> “More Tools” -> “Create Shortcut”)
  4. Keep the ‘App Key’ handy — it will need to be entered again if the browser is restarted. NOTE: your App Key may also be used to activate the “Insights Plus Smartphone App” below.

The image below is an example of the extremely simple ‘Mini-Desktop App’ interface you will use to request feedback…

Mini-Desktop App

Click the mail icon to request feedback via email or text message. Click the graph icon to monitor the health of your practice in “real time”.  It displays aggregated feedback about important practice categories, including the staff, the providers, and your facility. This is a great way to see a snapshot of what your patients think.  Make sure you do your best to keep your score as high as possible at all times!


Insights Plus Smartphone App

Use the smartphone App to request patient feedback and monitor the health of your practice. For example, when the Insights Plus App is activated using the “Main App Key,” you will see aggregate information, such as overall staff performance.

NOTE: Individual patient data and publication features are available only when activating the App with the additional ‘Manager Key.’

To get started, do the following steps:

  1. Using your Android or iOS smartphone, visit  either the Apple “App Store”, or the “Google Play Store”
  2. Search for: iCheckup Insights Plus
  3. Install the Insights Plus App on your smartphone
  4. On your smartphone, click on the “Insights Plus App” and enter the ‘Main App Key’

Patient Approved Insights Plus App – “How-To” Use + Icons Breakdown

“GEAR” Icon: If you select this, you can re-enter the App Key.  This may be necessary if your manager resets the App Key.  Below the header, at the top of the active screen is your practice name and, under that, three icons.

”MAIL” Icon: When selected, this icon displays this screen for sending a request for feedback to your patient via email or text message. You will need to enter the patient’s first name, last name (optional but recommended), email address and/or mobile phone number (both are recommended).  When you click “SEND” your patient will immediately receive a feedback request.

“GRAPH” Icon: Just like the Desktop App, the Graph icon displays a monthly summary of your practice performance, including staff, facility and provider metrics. You can monitor the health of your practice — you will see immediate changes in your performance when you implement strategies designed to make your patients happier.

“BELL” Icon: This icon enables you to access system notifications. Any notices regarding use of the App will be visible when you click on the Bell icon.


Tablet Survey App

A great time to collect feedback is while your patient is right there, in your office, at the “point of service”. And, when you place a tablet running the Survey App in the hands of your patient, they will see a scrolling list of the various reviews you have collected. Patients love to read about the experiences of other patients, so this is a great way to initiate patient engagement. In addition, when a patient reads another patient’s feedback, they are seeing examples of the correct way to write a review.

As a Patient Approved® practice, we believe it is important to collect feedback from all of your patients. Therefore, we have made it easy to install the “Patient Survey App” on an unlimited number of tablets!  Practices that have made an investment in placing a tablet in every exam/treatment room have been rewarded with high levels of patient feedback.

Setup & use the ‘Patient Survey App’ on your tablet, as follows:

  1. Using your Android or iOS tablet, visit
  2. Click on the link for your App Store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store)
  3. Install the Patient Survey App on your tablet
  4. Click on the App and enter the ‘Main App Key’

Once the Patient Survey App is activated, the tablet will begin displaying your approved reviews. Patients can scroll through the reviews and read about the experiences other patients have enjoyed under your care.

At the bottom of the screen is a button to Submit Feedback. Click the button and select the provider from the list. Patients can enter their feedback using the tablet. Based on the type of tablet you are using, the App will enable voice to text (speech recognition) so your patients can easily submit their review by talking into the tablet.

Below, you will see an example of the very easy-to-use interface, which is the Patient Approved® Survey, that a patient will see when utilizing a tablet for ‘in-office’ feedback requests…

Insights Tablet Survey App


Patient Approved® Digital Seal

The website seal is also known as the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for healthcare practices. When you display the Patient Approved® seal on your website, you show that your practice is undergoing continual quality improvement. This, along with the ability for patients to read validated TrueReviews® when they click your website seal, helps build trust among your patients.

Patient Approved Seal

Practices that display the Patient Approved® website seal are viewed as trusted experts. They have happier patients, see more patients and get more referrals.  Once you have enough reviews, the seal will display your 5-Star rating. Clicking on the seal displays your Score Card and enables patients to read your reviews, submit a review, and request a consultation. Requests for consultation are sent to you via email.

NOTE: advanced features enable consultation requests to be sent directly into your EMR and/or lead management system.

As you can see, Patient Approved® has the widest array of tools to engage patients online! And, at Patient Approved® we are always updating the system to help you easily collect patient feedback, improve your practice, and enhance patient consultations!