Add a review…

Have you previously collected patient reviews?

You can include those reviews in your dashboard using the Add Review option.

For each review you would like to include, enter the patient’s details.

Then enter the review they have provided you. When the fields are complete, click the Save button.

The system will then automatically process and validate the information. An email will be sent from your dashboard to the patient to confirm authenticity.

Once the review has been validated by the patient it will be available for publication in your new reviews tab


Check review sites…

The Patient Approved® system gives you a very simple breakdown/view of all your important review platforms/websites, all-in-one-place!

The system regularly monitors your online presence by checking the various rating and review sites.

The system will monitor those various sites for any changes in your profile and/or for any new reviews left by patients.

To begin, first, “select” the provider you wish to review. Once “selected,” that providers review site profiles will populate.

These are the sites that are monitored and also receive your automated review publications from your dashboard.

From this screen you may monitor the average score on each site, the number of new reviews found since the last check and the number of total reviews on that site.

Updates are triggered at regular intervals. If desired, you can click the “Check Review Sites” button (bottom right of screen), to initiate a rapid update of the review sites.

When the system identifies new reviews on those sites, you will then receive a new alert in your dashboard.

You may also view the provider profile on each individual site by clicking the “site name”.

For example: “Click” on any of the names under the “Rating Site” column. (i.e. “CITYSEARCH”)

Then, a new window will populate, which will allow you to “view” the profile, “save” the profile link, or “exclude” the profile from receiving publications.

The light, on the left, of the review site will be “green” when there is a valid link associated.

The light, on the left, will be “red” when there is no valid link associated, and/or you have excluded the site from the publication option.


New Reviews…

The “New Reviews” tab is a very robust collection of your reviews all-in-one place!

This screen will show you drop-down boxes and snapshot views of new reviews from all the sites listed on the “Check Review Sites” tab.

At the top of the screen you will see four (4) drop-down boxes, which all allow you to do bulk actions and some advanced sorting functions.

At-a-glance, the main screen will allow to see snapshots, for each new review listed, with viewable characteristics.

The snapshot view for new reviews includes the following: the rating, patient, date,snapshot of the review, and what type of review (text/video).

Under the “Action” drop-down menu, you can do bulk actions, which you can simply initiate by simply clicking on the box next to “RATING”.

Under the “Location” drop-down menu, you can sort your review(s) by each “Location,” that you entered during the initial on-boarding/setup process of your company.

Under the “Department” drop-down menu, you can sort your review(s) by “department,” that you entered during the initial on-boarding/setup process of your company.

Under the “Provider” (“Individual”) drop-down menu, you can sort your review(s) by each “Provider” (Individual), that you entered during the initial on-boarding of your company.

If any information is not displaying correctly for the sorting your new review data, just remember you can always make changes.

Request Feedback…

You have a variety of different pathways to collect patient feedback. Typically, you would use the Insights smartphone or desktop application, to request feedback.

However, you can also directly request feedback from a patient, using this screen.

Select the provider and enter your patient’s first name – last name – email address. You may also include their cell phone to send a text message request.
Then click the “Submit” button. They will immediately be sent a feedback request by email and/or text message.


Saved Reviews…

The “Saved Reviews” tab lists all patient reviews that are approved for publication.

Any review in this tab will automatically display on your Facebook Page, Website Widget, Patient Approved® ScoreCard and website review display.

The Saved Reviews Tab also includes the ability to monitor the status of reviews that have been sent for publication.

You may also monitor reviews that have been “restricted” for publication. (see: “restricted” sub-tab)

If a patient elects to NOT share their review for others to see, it will be placed in the “restricted” sub-tab.

In the “restricted” sub-tab, you will be able to view the patient feedback, but it will not be available for publication (per the patients choice).

If your office manages multiple providers, you may view the saved reviews for each provider by selecting their name from the drop-down labeled “Provider:”

You will be able to monitor the status of your reviews from this screen. See: “STATUS” column where the ‘Saved Reviews Snapshot’ is displayed, below the drop-down boxes.

“STATUS” notifications include:
– “Verified” = reviews are available to be published
– “Submitted” = reviews have already been sent for publication

You can publish any of these reviews to third-party reviews sites by selecting “Publish” from the “ACTION” dropdown menu, last column on the right of ‘Saved Reviews Snapshot’ display.

The system will automatically distribute the reviews to best ensure that your online presence is reflected equally across the internet.

*PLEASE NOTE: that once a review is published to a third party review site, it cannot be recalled.