Individual(s) Profile Setup & Optimization

Go the navigation menu on the left of your screen, go down to the “Setup” tab and:

  • Click on the “Basic” tab
  • Next, click on the “Account” tab

Click on “Individuals” tab at the top of your screen (Company & Individuals Tabs)

The “Individuals” Profile area will have the following tabs:

  • Profile
  • Social
  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Review Sharing



In the profile tab, you may customize the display name for the provider. This is helpful for providers who are commonly known to their patients by a nickname or if you wish to enter any other credentials or degrees. After you enter a new provider’s email address and cell phone number, they will be automatically included in any company review pages, as well as given an ID for display of their reviews individually.

If you plan to publish reviews, you must have an entry for each individual. This is because many review sites use the provider name, not the practice name.

Each individual you enter will have the option to log in with their email address and mobile phone number.

If you are managing an existing individual you may navigate to any tab highlighted in blue.

If you are setting up an individual for the first time, the other tabs will be greyed out. Please click the continue button. You will be directed to the next setup option.

For each tab, there is a correlating help video. Should you have questions about how to complete a specific tab please select that help video from the question mark at the top right of your dashboard.



The social tab allows you to upload a profile photo for the individual and insert any social media link specific to the individual. Please click the on the next tab “Training” or click the continue button.


Under the training tab, you may enter training and education background information relevant to the individual in the text box provided. Please click the on the continue button or the  “Awards” tab.


It is valuable to share the recognition each individual has received in their field. Please input any relevant information in the text field provided for that individual. Please click the on the continue button or the Publications tab…



Sharing the publications and studies an individual has completed is a great way to educate your patients on the “Individual’s” level of expertise. You may input those publications in the text field provided. Please click the on the continue button or the  Extra Information tab.



Adding a personal touch to each individual is a helpful way to initiate comfort with patients. You may place any additional details about an individual in the text field provided.



The Department Tab applies to practices that have more than one department or are multi-specialty practices. During the Company setup, you specified if you have more than one department. In this section, you will assign each provider to a department. A provider may be assigned to more than one department.

Assigning providers to their respective departments is important because patients have the option to find providers based on the department when they submit a review. In addition, department heads can run reports based on the performance of providers in their specific department.



If you have defined more than one practice location in the company set up, you will identify each location where a provider works.  By default, all locations are automatically selected for each provider.



Enter the primary specialty of the individual. Once you have identified the correct specialty, click the “Add” button. In a multi-specialty office, each individual may have a different primary specialty.



After selecting a specialty, a list of default services associated with that specialty will be shown. For each service provided, click the check mark box and the service will be live for that individual. If a service is selected it will be available in the patient review survey. Most of the services are listed by their generic names. However, in some cases, a service will have an alternate or brand name associated with it. In this case, you may choose the alternate name by clicking on the PLUS button next to the service. If you do not find a service you provide listed, use the search in the bar to find the service. If the service is not available in search, email us at [email protected] and we will review your request for inclusion in the list.



You can enable live appointment scheduling for each location where an individual provides services.

If you do not want to enable scheduling services for a provider in a particular location, uncheck each of the days for that location. The location will remain available for collecting and publishing reviews, but the scheduling features will be off.

For each location you want to enable scheduling, update the work hours for the individual in each of the locations. The default hours of operation have already been entered, but you can change this at any time. The available hours will be displayed to patients who are using the scheduling system to request appointments online. The available hours will also be displayed on different online sites featuring your practice.

Next, you may customize the information that each patient will see when they receive their appointment confirmations and appointment reminders.

When a patient requests an appointment, you or one of your staff will be notified of the request. Enter the email address and cell phone number of the staff member who will manage these appointment requests.



In the Review Sites tab, you will see various rating sites that collect reviews about each provider. The links associated with each review site are connected to the specific provider profile. Every provider will have their own specific links for each of these sites.

Each review site URL should be checked for accuracy.  In some cases, providers with the same name work at the same location which can cause confusion.

However, we recommend that you do not edit the links unless they are pointing to the wrong provider profile. Incorrect links will result in inaccurate data aggregation and publication.

You may exclude a review site profile from publication by deselecting the check’d box on the right.

Once complete with this screen you may click the continue button.



On this screen, you can see the account ID for the individual provider.

This is used throughout the system….

  • Automatic notification of new reviews on internet review sites
  • Publishing of approved reviews to internet review sites
  • Personalized Patient Approved® website seal
  • Personalized appointment calendar with synchronization
  • Ability to schedule patients via text messaging
  • Request feedback from patients automatically using your EMR system
  • Personalized Reputation Report updated monthly