Company Profile Setup & Optimization

Go the navigation menu on the left of your screen, go down to the “Setup” tab and:

  • Click on the “Basic” tab
  • Next, click on the “Account” tab

Click on “Company” tab at the top of your screen (Company & Individuals Tabs)

The “Company” Profile area will have the following tabs:

  • Profile
  • Social
  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Review Sharing



Patient Approved is one of the most flexible management systems available.

First, let’s make sure that your company profile is set up.  

On the “PROFILE” tab (1st tab), verify that all of the information you entered previously is accurate.

If you have access to your company NPI number, you may enter it here and the additional fields should automatically populate. If they do not then please enter your practice information manually.



If you have social media outlets that are related to your practice you may enter the profile links here. You may also upload a practice photo or logo.


Your primary location is automatically populated from the Company Profile information you entered previously.

If you see patients in more than one location, you may enter as many additional locations as desired. For each new location, enter the name of the location in the text box and click the ADD button.

In the next window, enter in the information specific to the new location. After you click Save, your new location will become immediately available throughout the system.



If you work in a hospital or multi-specialty clinic, your company is probably divided into different departments or specialties. In this case, you will create a new entry for each department. You may create unlimited departments.

To create a department, enter the name of the department. You can also optionally enter the name and contact information of the department head.  If you enter a department head, they will be able to run reports specific to their department.

The checkbox indicating that the department is active will be turned on by default. If the department is to be excluded this may be unchecked at any time.

Next, specify each location where the department is active.  A department may be active in more than one location and this may also be changed in the future as needed.

When you are done adding departments, click Continue to move to the next screen.



Some review sites, such as Google and Yelp, are based on your office LOCATION. Most of the other review sites, like RateMD’s, Vitals, and Healthgrades are PROVIDER based and will be designated in the section where you enter your providers.

To ensure accurate aggregation and publication of data, links to the Google page and Yelp page hosting your reviews must be entered in the Primary Location tab. If these links have not been automatically entered, you may enter them here. We recommend that you do not edit the links unless they are pointing to a company page that is not your company.

If you have multiple locations, you have the option to direct all reviews to the main company page or link to review pages specific to each location.

Only use this option if you have separate Google and Yelp pages for each location.

To enter location specific links, click the Other Locations tab and enter the appropriate URL for each location.