Insights Plus Smartphone App…

As the practice manager, you have privileged access to view detailed patient data and publish patient reviews directly from your Insights smartphone App.

To get the App and activate the special manager features, first make sure you are logged into the app store for your phone.

Next, enter your cell phone number in the field below and click the button that corresponds to the type of smartphone you have.

You will receive a text link to download the application from either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

After you click the link and install the application, enter your private app key shown above. Then, enter your Manager App Key.

After you enter both the App key and the Manager key, you will have access to all of the app features.

You may install and activate the Insights application on as many smartphones as desired.  However, please note that Manager level access should only be used by administrators or practice owners who are authorized to view detailed patient data and publish patient data online.

Please complete your installation and activation of the Insights Application with your app key and manager key before moving to the next step.

Tablet Setup…

Patient Approved® makes it easy to collect patient feedback with the Patient Survey tablet application. You can place your tablet at your front desk, in your patient exam rooms or your reception area to encourage patients to provide their honest feedback.

You may use any Apple Tablet or any Android tablet that has the Google Play Store installed and a front-facing camera.  Please note, Kindle tablets do not have the Google Play Store, so they are not compatible.

To get the Patient Survey application, use your compatible tablet to navigate to:

Then, follow the instructions on that page for your device type. After you have installed the application, use your App Key to activate the application.

You may install the Patient Survey on an unlimited number of tablets, so you can keep a device in every exam or treatment room, ready to collect patient feedback.

As soon as patients enter their feedback, you will be able to see their review on your Insights application that you installed on your smartphone.  


Desktop App Setup…

Your front desk staff can request patient feedback during patient check-in or check-out with the Desktop Insights application.  Similar to the smartphone application, the desktop version enables you to request feedback from your patients via email and text message.

Access the App at

Please log into the Desktop application on each computer at your registration desk and bookmark the page so it is ready for use. Keep the App Key available because it will need to be entered again if the browser is restarted.