About us

Since 2006, Patient Approved® has helped doctors obtain feedback from their patients and improve the quality of care they deliver. Practices that are certified by Patient Approved® consistently achieve the highest patient satisfaction scores.

In fact, Patient Approved® has been recognized as one of the top patient satisfaction firms in the United States by Modern Healthcare magazine. And, because the Patient Approved® brand is seen on thousands of healthcare websites and in print media, Patient Approved® is recognized by patients for quality doctors.

This certification course is exclusively for practices that seek to be the best practice in their region.

As a Patient Approved® practice, you will see more patients, create an environment that builds a happier and more loyal patient base, generate more revenue, be recognized as the local experts in your community, and truly enjoy every aspect of your practice.

At the end of the Patient Approved® Staff Certification Course, you will know:

  • How to automate the collection of patient feedback
  • Best practices for engaging patients
  • When to engage a patient online
  • What to do if you have a negative online reviews
  • How to use patient feedback to  improve the quality of patient care you deliver
  • How to get patient feedback via text and speech-to-text
  • The advantages of video feedback
  • HIPAA-related issues regarding online reviews

Our mission is to provide the highest level of training & education to help you optimize your practice and your patients lives!